The Ultimate Compliment

Abraham Lincoln once said “Everybody likes a compliment.” I would believe that to be true. As for anyone who has worked in the pre-hospital field for any length of time you can appreciate that compliments are few and far between. There are so many reasons for this, but it seems we are more likely to […]

ICoP Scientific Symposium 2018

Research is something that happens in the background as far as many of us are concerned. We reap the benefits of studies, evidenced based medicine and research daily in all fields of medicine. Some maybe well aware of the impact research has on our profession, others maybe less so. Regardless, it doesn’t change the fact […]

EMS Gathering 2018

You’re taken back by the old charm of the city. Historic architecture and cobble stone roads. The river winds and coils through the city as bridges allow for dry passage from one side to the other. Downy clouds dot the sky that which seems to reach for miles. You notice there are paramedic ambulances, rapid […]